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Hi Dr Converse,

I came on the site thinking I needed to find out some things about applying for a job.  But now, I'm not so sure.  What is wrong with simply finding the right job for me and then filling out the application?  It doesn't seem that complicated.


Hi Frank,

The process may not "seem that complicated" but it only seems that way.  The process is just as complex as doing anything else well.  Try to think of job searching this way: you are looking for a job that you believe you will like and for which you are qualified.  You think your next step is to present yourself to the employer and let them make a decision.  But what you are missing is that for your application to even have a chance at being successful, you must present yourself in the most positive way you can.  Many years ago, one expert in our field noted that the job does not always go to the person who is most qualified, but rather to the person who knows the most about how to get hired.  If you believe that simply sending in an application makes you the one who knows the most about how to get hired, you are not being realistic.

If you were going to school and had an exam to take, would you go into the exam without studying?  If you had a band, would you simply book a gig and play in public without ever having rehearsed?  You get my point.  Every endeavor that is worthwhile needs preparation, and that includes looking for a job.

In this case, "preparation" means researching the employer to find out everything you can about them, it means telling the employer SPECIFICALLY why you are the best candidate to meet the needs that they have, it means preparing your documents in ways that respond EXACTLY to what the employer is seeking, it means you have practiced responses to the likely interview questions until you can make your replies without a lot of "well," "uh," and "mmm."  And it means preparing in so many other ways.

One of the reasons many people are unemployed today is not so much that there aren't jobs.  People are being hired every day all over the country.  The reason is that many of those who are applying are simply unprepared to do so - and many of them don't even realize it.  Preparation is the key, Frank.  Unless you do your homework, prepare, practice, and educate yourself about the process, you are going to get beat by better-prepared competitors every time.

I hope this helps.  If you'd like a free review of your resume, cover letter, etc., send them to me at the address below as attachments to an email.  I'll be happy to give you some feedback.

Best wishes,

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