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Hi Ruth - After reading the question that I had sent to you earlier, I realized that I needed to send clarification.  First, when I sent my resume to marketing hi tech jobs I need to identify why I was not receiving a response and whether it was a systemic problem i.e., would I experience the same problem when I send the resume to valuation firms.

And second, I was expressing the difficulty of determining whether age discrimination exists in Valuation, Venture Capital or Investment Banking since in an information interview the employee would certainly not divulge there is.  If I truncate my resume and remove dates of my graduation, I may be called in for an interview but I would likely not be called back for another round of interviews. So I'm wondering how might I determine whether there are true job opportunities for me with a firm in those industries?
Thank you kindly.

Dear Wing:

It depends.  I don't know how good your resume is or how relevant it is to the markets you are sending it to.  A lot of companies are using computerized programs to scan the resumes and if the "key words" they are looking for aren't in them, the resume doesn't even get a look by a human.

Unfortunately, you can't determine if there are true opportunities with a firm because of your age.  I maintain that if you go in, interview well, and prove what you can do and not apologize for your age by your attitude or actions, there is a firm that will give you a shot.  There is no
way to do that before hand.  I wish there was, but there isn't.

You can do internet research on them, and sometimes they show the actual that may give you a clue from the pictures you see.

Another thing you can do is try to find a reputable employment agency, and I stress reputable, that deals in the types of jobs they want.  They can look at the resume, improve if - if need be, and have a better idea of who hires and who doesn't.  Don't work with anyone who hasn't done the job for less than 2 years.

Warmly, R. Butler

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