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Hi, I applied at a large casino for a job i have wanted for about a year now. I got the interview and they said I have the job! im supposed to wait for a call back so I can start processing the hr lady could have processed me the day of the interview but she was in a meeting. I asked the hiring managers if it was ok if I contact her they said yes I left 2 messages and have not heard back it has been over a week should I be worried?? im currently in a job that I cant stand and im ready to resign from the industry for good so im just a little stressed out right now. thanks

Hi Kim,

I have a standard rule about these kinds of situations.  This rule is based on both common sense and hard reality.  The rule is: unless you have a signed contract for a new job you have nothing.  Yes, I know someone told you that you "have the job."  But without a contract of employment, that isn't worth much.

There isn't any way I can tell you what is going on with the casino, but there are many things that can go sideways in this kind of situation.  In the best-case scenario, the HR department is simply busy and getting you processed is taking more time than anyone wants.  In the worst-case scenario, something not very pleasant has happened (lots of possibilities) and they have decided against filling the job.  And, of course, there are lots of things that could have happened in-between these two extremes.

The one thing I can tell you is that worrying never helps any situation.  I understand that you would be stressed, but what you need to do now is continue to communicate with anyone at the casino that will talk to you.  If it's the hiring manager, talk to him or her; find out what you can from them and perhaps they can dig into the issue.  The one thing you do NOT want to do is be unpleasant or demanding.  Communicate with them in a business-like and professional manner, but be firm.  Eventually, whoever you talk to will get tired of you calling and they'll get some hard information for you just so you won't call any more!

You deserve a definitive response.  If the hiring people still indicate you are the person they want, they should be able to get things moving for you.  After all, it is in their best interest to get this resolved and get you on board.  If you get a sense that you are being stalled or that you are not getting straight answers, you may need to move on.  For now, just stay calm, stay professional, and hope that this is all just a bureaucracy moving at glacial speed.  

Whatever you do, don't quit your current job - no matter how much you hate it (unless, of course, you can exist without an income).  Be patient, be persistent, and hope that the casino gets moving.  Just remember: no matter what you are verbally given, you have nothing in the way of a guaranteed job until you have a signed contract with the casino.  

Good luck,

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