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Hello Ruth.

I have a two question to ask, the first question is, when you decide to quit a job, do you have to make two copies to give to the manger and human resource to let them know you are quitting.

And my second question is, when filling out job application, and the question come up or on the application when can you start if hired, what's a date or how many days should you put if you have a current job ?

Thank you.

Dear Chris:

It is best to make 2 letters if you do decide to quit, one for the manager and one for HR.  Be very careful in deciding to quit, because if you can stick it out, it is better to stay until you find another job.  So, think carefully, about this step.

If you are in a current position, usually 2 weeks is customary to say you can start.  If you are not in a job, you can put immediately.

Warmly, R. Butler

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