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please I m confused

1-  I m someone who have a degree on engineer , experience on HR , talented with arts , so for finding a career or representing my qualities , what I have to do ? does I have to do CV for each area separately ? or collect all talents-experience-degree-......... on one CV ?

for instance from better to make CV for engineering regarding my degree and any other exp or skills related to engineering and other CV for my HR experience and other skills related and another one for arts talents etc............. ??????????????????

2- if I have raw arts talents like acting-performing-dancing-voice over and collage designs and miniatures and diorama creating ,  but those talents didn't skilled or practiced to reach professionalism , so how can I express my arts talent on a resume for applying entry level positions ?

3- I had did a lot of exams to assess my skills-talents-interests-personality-intelligence
for instance , Myer Briggs code personality - Holland code , Gallup strength finder , hewer six intelligence , true color to find your career ............................ by online exams and books

I had taken the common results of all those exams for 7 years , can I put those skills-talents-abilities- and other results on my CV or can be important on my CV or that's useless ?

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A lot of questions here, which is good!  Sounds like you have given this a lot of thought.

First question: the answer depends on what you want to do, what industry you want to target.  Your question tells me that you may have a misconception about the CV.  The purpose of a CV or resume is simply to get you an interview.  That's it.  At the interview,  you can respond to questions in ways that tell the employer about the depth of your experiences.  However, you definitely do NOT want to include your engineering skills, HR background, and arts talent all in the same CV.  That would be disastrous!  Instead, what you want to do is to construct your CV according to the qualifications each employer wants.  In other words, EVERY resume you send out should be different - because every employer wants something different, even if they are in the same industry.  Your CV should emphasize your skills and qualifications as described in the employer's job announcement.  Your task is to use the job announcement to build your CV to the specifications that the employer wants.  If you build the CV any other way, you are missing the opportunity to impress them with your ability to fill the position they have open.

Second question: unless the job for which you are applying is an arts job (and it doesn't sound like that is your intention since you write that you have not reached a level of "professionalism) then you will not list those talents at all.  The only exception to that is if the job application form or some other document required by the employer asks you about skills you possess outside those of the job description.  Remember that the goal here is to get an interview.  Since you will have very little time (5-10 seconds on average) to impress the employer with your suitability for the open position, you don't want to clutter the CV with information the employer doesn't want or need at this stage.

Third question: it is indeed possible that your profile as defined by the various tests you describe could be useful for an employer.  However, it very much depends on the employer and how much emphasis they might put on such candidate profiling.  That is something you will have to assess with each application you send out.  If you want to develop a single-page summary of those profile results and attach it to the CV, that could be a useful tool for the employer to assess your suitability for an interview.  You'll just have to assess that with each job application.

If you would like for me to give you an assessment of your CV, I would be happy to do so.  Attach it to an email and send it to the address below in the exact format you intend to submit it.  Probably at this juncture, your engineering CV would be the best for me to evaluate.

Hope this helps; best wishes!

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