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QUESTION: I had did a job interview one week and two days ago. The interview seemed to have gone quite well. The interviewer, who is the owner, started talking about whay my duties will be and did most of the talking all the way through, only asking me a couple questions. They seemed satisfied with my main qualification, and mentioned that training would be provided. The interveiwer mentioned what I would be doing, hours expected to work, the salary, lunch breaks, tasks I will handle, and expected attire. They were particularly happy that I lived within 7 minutes of the location.  They asked when I would want to start. I mentioned "right away". They expressed that for the remainder of that week, they still had more interviews to conduct. At the end of the interview, they asked if I had any questions, I asked 1 or 2. Then after they answered, they asked again if I had any questions, I said no, and that I was satisfied with the information they gave. The interviewer and I got up and shook hands. And departed. The interview lasted betweeen 10-15 minutes. Do you think I stand a chance?


It is nearly impossible to give you a knowledgeable answer to  your question since I wasn't in the room.  Based on what you have told me, however, I would not be too concerned about the nine day lapse since the interview.  The direct answer to your question about whether you have a chance at the job would depend entirely on the questions you were asked and how you responded to them and the questions you asked at the end.

You didn't say what kind of a business this was or what your qualifications are for the position, so I don't know how to assess your suitability for the job.  If they told you they had other interviews to conduct, then I am sure that was the truth.  What happens after they are finished with the interviews would determine how quickly they get back to you.  I hope one of the questions you asked was "when do you expect to make a decision?"  However, if you didn't ask that, then you would have no reasonable way to know what their time frame is for the decision to be made.  If you did ask them, then you have an approximate date that you might expect to be contacted.

Whatever the situation, there is no harm in a follow-up call to determine where the process stands and if they might want you to supply them with additional information.  They will almost certainly decline the offer of further material, but it does give you an opportunity to assess where they are in the decision-making process.

Give them a call this week and that should provide you with the information you are seeking.  In the meantime I suggest you continue your job search since there is nothing in this process that is a certainty.  Keep your options open and keep looking until you have a firm offer of employment.

Best wishes,

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QUESTION: It is a medical office. They are seking receptionist. I was a reservationist and have experience with telepnone and helping customers. I was also a front desk clerk. She asked if I had any medical experience. Told her no. She said thats ok, that omly a couple things medically they may ask from time to time. But that they would provide training. The interviewer did ask if I had any question. I asked about two. Then she asked again if I had any questions. I told her I was satisfied with everything. I called a couple days ago to check. The person who answered had me hold for 4 mind. Then took my name and number and said I will recieve a call. Nothing yet.

Hi Sal,

From what you have told me, I don't see a reason why you might not be considered for this position.  On the other hand, I don't see anything else here that would tell me more about your prospects.  You probably need to call back and keep calling until you get an answer to the question about when they expect to make a decision.  If you made your follow-up call a couple of days ago and have not received a response, call again.  Until you get an answer to that basic question,  you don't have much to go on moving forward.

What questions did you ask at the end of the interview when they asked if you had questions?  Have you continued your job search with other employers?

If you would prefer to correspond with further questions for me, you can reach me at the email address below; it might be a little more efficient than through the AE site, but it's your choice.

Best wishes,

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