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Hi Torski, here's the deal: I have gaps in my resume and it's hurting my job search.

In college, I had seasonal jobs. I graduated in 2013 and found a job in online education (admissions) around October of 2013. The job didn't pan out, and I left that job in March 2014 in order to pursue writing my novel.

So, now it's May 2015 and my novel is complete, and (surprise) it didn't become an instant bestseller. I've been submitting resumes for months, but getting few callbacks. I've had one or two recently. My staffing agency has produced one position, which I didn't get (thankfully I've grown accustomed to rejections as an aspiring novelist).

My resume reads thus (short version):

MAR 2014 - MAY 2015: exploring life, traveling, and weighing my options while writing my novel, "A Day in the Life of Edgar Schlimm".

OCT 2013 - MAR 2014  Admissions Advisor (company name)

MAY 2010 - SEPT 2013 Seasonal positions at (company name) while a student at university

I have a BA in English, and I've been applying for office positions. I feel I'm applying within my qualifications.

Mainly, I'm applying for writing positions. Proofreader, copywriter, and so on. I feel my education and writing skills should be placing me in these positions, but for some reason I get few responses.

Recently I've gotten a response from an online marketing company, and they're asking for writing samples. Should I show them one of my query letters and a chapter from my novel? I feel like this demonstrates my writing skills while proving I've been working on my novel.

Am I going about this correctly? I appreciate your input, thanks.


There should NEVER be a part of your resume that reads, "exploring life, traveling, and weighing my options."

Any gaps in employment should be explained in a well-written cover letter.

If you have been writing a novel since graduation, then list this as your experience from March 2014 - May 2015.

Still being unemployed, you need to think about filling your gaps with volunteer service in areas that accentuate your best skills.

Now that the book is published, you need another alibi.

I hope this helps!

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