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Back in December I applied for a job as a clarinet-maker. Upon being told that I had all of the right qualifications I was told that the position was filled, but that they are a growing company and hire for that position on a regular basis, so I was informed to check back in June. Now that it is time to check back with the company, I was wondering how exactly to present myself with the email in doing so? I want this to be perfect and I don't want to make any mistakes. What recommendation would you suggest in what I should say via email pertaining to getting back to them, and proceeding afterwords? Thanks

Hi Mike:

Simply say that you had an interview in December for a position that had been filled.  Since you have all of the needed qualifications, you were told to check back in June.  Thus, you are wondering if there any open positions for a clarinet-maker at this time?

Hopefully, they will answer you and advise you on future steps.

Warmly, R. Butler

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