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So I have a bit of a unique situation. I worked at a company for 2.5 years in an entry level position. After graduating college (going to school for said industry my job is in - hospitality) and as my manager was leaving, I fell into the management position. I worked successfully (although stressed out of my mind) for 2 months before having symptoms which prevented me from working in said position (the stress would always be there and my manager basically told me that) and was diagnosed with MS. Basically, I spoke with my manager to let her know the stress would be too much for me to handle at this stage in my life and we agreed to put me in a supervisory role instead. Well, a month into this new role and I am still being expected to perform majority of the functions as a manager and my manager is not understanding.

Anyway, I am looking to apply to other companies in my industry but in an actual supervisory or even entry level position. However, I am confused if I should include the manager and/or supervisor positions on my resume. On the one hand for the past four months I have been completing many of the same tasks, but under two different titles. However, I don't want this situation to prevent me from landing an interview.


I would actually make two resumes.  One stating the original job responsibilities, and one including both.

Depending upon the position you interview for, decide which one matches the one you are going for.  I would state, however, that although you are quite capable of doing the management position responsibilities, this is NOT what you are looking for and do much better is
a more relaxed environment.  Be very careful in what you select.  Really check it out and observe the facility.

Warmly, R. Butler

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