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Dear Sir,

i have total years of experience 10

6 years in computer aided engineering software field

in that 6 years also 3 years ,im having relevant software testing experience

now my  salary is low compared to others in the field

how to over come this issue


Hi Umamaheswaran,

To properly answer your question, you'll need to give me a lot more information.  How is your salary compared to others, not just in your field, but in comparison to other employees who work at your company?  Does your employer pay salaries that are low compared to other companies who do the same work?  Are there colleagues that you work with who have expressed the same misgivings about their pay?

All of this is another way of asking "Why do YOU think you are being paid less than 'others in the field'?"  Obviously there is a reason, but I can't tell you what that is unless you give me a lot more information.  How "low" is it?  Is it 2% less than others or 20% less?  How is your company viewed by employees overall; e.g. are you perceived to be a top firm in the industry, or just another software company?  Is your company a new one or have they been in existence a long time?  Are there things that they provide you to make up for the salary difference?

If you cannot determine the reason for your salary being lower, have you pursued working for another company that pays more money?  If so, what has the result been?  If not, why not?

If you want to write me a follow-up message with more information, I will see if I can give you a better perspective on things.  But I can't tell you how to "overcome" a low salary issue without knowing more about your situation.

Best wishes,

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