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Hi Joe-
I hope you can offer some advice.  I'm 51, taking classes online for a job that first paycheck should be end Jan.2013- making only $8.00/hr to start. I have $113K in savings, and 16K in ROTH IRA's. One maturing now I'm transferring to savings, one doing 10% avg. for 2 years (index fund), and one only about 1% maturing later next year. I would like to save for retirement and have my money work harder for me. I like the idea of index funds like VFINX. I've heard dividends are the way to go too. My expenses currently do not exceed $1k/mo. total. I feel I should be able to invest at least $50K.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind time and help.  Have a wonderful day!

Hi Susie,

The most important thing for you to do is to continue to save.  As soon as you are eligible to invest in your new employer's 401k plan, you should sign up.  As far as what to invest in, you should talk with someone at an investment firm that is licensed to provide that kind of advice, possible Fidelity or Charles Schwab.


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