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My wife is planning to retire in a little over a year at age 66. I will turn 62 in January of 2015, and have recently lost my job, so I may be looking at taking my SS benefits early at age 62.  Between us we have approximately $300k in IRA and 401k accounts. I was recently reading an article about "claim and switch" strategies that one person taking half another's  social security until both reach age 66, then switching.  I really don't get the whole thing, but would appreciate your general advice on how each of us should approach our SS benefits.  Thanks.


There are different options for claiming your Social Security Benefits, but they all need to be evaluated.  There are so many options and variables that isolating the best option for you would be better suited by sitting down with a professional and going over it.  I wish I could help more.  The factors to consider would be cash flow now vs down the road, and providing the needed benefit for your family over time by maximizing your payments.  It is easier said than done.  There is not always a formula because some of the variable are your current and future health, current and future needs, future date of death for the both of you, etc.  

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