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Hi Richard,
I am 66 years old and single.  I currently have 2 homes, 1 paid for and the primary home I owe on.  I am considering selling the home that is paid for at the current rates I would only be able to sell it for $100,000. that is under what I bought it for.  I need to how if this sale will hurt me on taxes and social security, I have no other income than S.S and small savings.  Thank you for your help and advise.

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Thanks for your question. If you sell your primary residence there is no federal taxes to be paid on the sale assuming you are single and your profit is under $250,000. However, on the sale of the investment property there would be capital gains tax that would be owed on any profit over and above your basis in the investment property. Additionally, you must recapture all depreciation taken up to a maximum rate of 25%.

Please note that this is only a general answer based on your question. I would recommend that you review this with your tax preparer (CPA, EA. etc. ) and with your financial advisor preferably a Certified Financial Planner who works with retirement income and distribution planning.

Hope this helps.  

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