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My father, who is 76 and is still employed, wants to cash out his 401k.  He needs the money to buy a 1 story house so my mother (who has terrible back problems) will not have to deal with all the stairs in their current house. His employer told him he could take a loan out but not cash it out as long as he is still working there. He has worked there for 20+ years and does not plan on retiring anytime in the near future. Does this sound right to you??? I read somewhere that if you are over the age of 70 1/2 you could cash it out without a penalty. Is there a way he can get his money?


Thanks for the question.

Generally speaking, once an individual turns 59 1/2 in most plans they are eligible to roll the funds into an IRA or take distribution without penalty.  However, the plan document for the employer your Dad works for may not have that benefit.  I also know that many times the 800 number or the HR department do not have adequate training in this area to correctly answer these types of questions.

We are happy to help you with a no fee for the initial compensation if you wish.  More than likely it will only take 1 or 2 calls and you'll have a better idea of what you can do.

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