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I have an old, dormant SEP IRA and a Simple IRA from a former employer (I have had the account for more than the 2 year minimum; probably closer to 10 years) where I no longer work.

I am trying to transfer these 2 accounts away from my former financial rep and custodian and was told I could consolidate them both into a traditional IRA.  Are there any tax implications I should be aware of when I start to make withdrawals?  (i.e., since the SEP was funded solely by the employer and the Simple was a combination of personal and employer contributions).  I am currently age 61, so the early withdrawal penalty would not apply to me.  I guess I'm just trying to ask if all the monies would be taxed the same upon withdrawal - as ordinary income?

The funds will be taxed the same at distribution for your SEP and IRA.  You may have a "basis" in one of the accounts that will allow a tax free distribution.  This would be the case if you have contributed after tax dollars to a retirement account, but that is unlikely.


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