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I was employed at a clinic in New Mexico and I paid into Northwestern Mutual Life as an employee.  I am inquiring as to what do I have to do to find out what I have invested and how I can reinvest my money or roll it over to my current retirement.  I left my job and have failed to look into what I have pending.
Thank you in advance for responding to my question/concern.

Inez Gallegos-Lujan

Hi Inez,
You'll have to call Northwestern Mutual. You should have received account statements but if you haven't they can verify your identity over the phone. It is generally best to roll over a former employer's 401k to an IRA instead of into a new employer's plan. Northwestern Mutual can help you with that as well. You could also have them look at your new employer's plan and help you make the investment decisions for that one as well. It's your money Inez, I would ask you to pay a bit more attention to it because it can pay off down the road! Let me know if you have any more questions.


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