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Hello, I am not sure if I am under the right catagory, but here goes.        I am a single 55 yr old female on SSI in the state of NH.
I am thinking of remarring a fella who is on reciveing his social security benefits. I understand his income is considered part of my income and we will be over my SSI resourse limit so I will lose my SSI.        Ok, that is fine, my real question we have is I would still be considered Disabled obviously, I would think?       So if he passes away (God Forbid) since I am considered disabled , can I collect on his Retirement as early as 55 or do I need to wait till I am 65?         This is what we need to know before we decide if marriage will harm me finacially if he passed away before I turned 65?

I hope I made sense, and I hope you have a answer.
Thank You

Hi Jennifer,
I am not an expert on Social Security but I believe it works like this. You will continue to collect SSDI at which point you will switch to SS retirement at age 62. Your spouses income would have no bearing on your benefit. At that point you will receive either your benefit or the spousal benefit amount. Whichever is higher. So, for instance, if your benefit was $1000 and the spousal benefit was $1200, you would receive your benefit plus $200 for a total of $1200. I hope this helps. Here is a link with more info.


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