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I am 26. For the past 4-5 months I have had some light hip pain. It's not on a daily basis. Sometimes It is just felt with movement, but I recently discovered (or at least connected it to) that it is agravated by alcohol consumption. It has hurt on its own- without alcohol consumption, but I have noticed MOST every time I drink, within a few hours, my actual hip area will get sore to the touch and it lasts a day or so. It's not severe pain, but I'm wondering what this could be and what doctor I should start with to rule out anything serious.

I have found that any pain is more intense when I drink alcohol. The pain is likely there but you're masking it when not drinking. The best doctor to start with is always your "family" doctor, usually a GP or internist for adults in the US. Insurance usually requires it, too. Check with insurance if you don't already have a primary care doctor. If the PC doctor thinks it's aything to be concerned about, s/he will refer you on to a specialist.

Rheumatology (including Arthritis)

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