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Rheumatology (including Arthritis)/Negative blood workup, helped by Medrol. Rheumatologic problem or fibromyalgia?


millie wrote at 2006-10-29 04:46:26
HI!  I'm an RN and I have what I(self-diagnosed . . . sorry, that's how nurses are sometimes!) believe to be fibromyalgia - lots of aches and pains which are worse at night.  I've taken a low dose of elavil at night for years and it helps some.  I recently ran out of it and when I went to my family doctor with worsening pain and probable sciatica, she prescribed Medrol dose pack to "jump start" my pain relief.  I was amazed!  I was pain-free the entire time I was on the medication.  Been off it for several days and the pain is back to the level it was before (darn!).  I don't like taking medications and won't take anti-inflammatories because they irritate my stomach, but I was impressed with the Medrol dose pack.  I found this site looking for more information - hate to be on a maintenance dose of prednisone (because of the side effects) but I'm tempted to ask my physician about it - I think I could easily stop taking the elavil if a lose dose of prednisone helped.  Good luck.  Don't be afraid of the Medrol dose pack - I didn't experience any side effects in the short time I was on it - didn't even gain weight.  And I felt wonderful.

JDsSquirrel wrote at 2013-06-23 14:29:29
Hi I am a Fibro sufferer.  I recently was diagnosed with psoriasis too.  My closest childhood friend is a fibro sufferer too and gets rashes.  She is being checked for lupus but I haven't heard if she has results back or not.  I feel for you at such a young age.  I do think I was starting into fibro about your age but really started feeling a more chronic pain when I was in my early 30s.  I agree see a rheumatologist.  If your hospital/clinic has a specialist in fibromyalgia (fibro) then use them.  I've been diagnosed since 2002 but rarely have positive blood tests.  Just 2 weeks ago I saw my rheumatologist and the blood work done then came back no rheumatologic disease present.  I have multiple rd's including fibromyalgia, sjogren's syndrome, ibs-d, psoriasis, arthritis (in the spine) and I can't remember if there is more.  All I know is I hurt daily.  The Cymbalta has helped.  Cymbalta for psych trouble has a max dose of 60 mg but for pain mgmt. it can go to 120.  I'm on 90 and most of the time it helps...but not always.  I am basically maintained at a managed pain level but not pain free.

Good luck with getting your diagnosis and treatment.  Good luck with your life.

Rheumatology (including Arthritis)

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