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Rheumatology (including Arthritis)/pain & stiffness after cracking knuckles


Katie wrote at 2008-01-22 02:17:43
Actually, according to my doctor and several other doctors, cracking your fingers does not cause arthritis. In fact, it somewhat helps keep your joints healthy because it is flexing the tendons, increasing blood flow to the area, and it cycles the fluid in the joint. HOWEVER, cracking your head from side to side IS dangerous because the tendons and muscles should only be flexed up and down, not horizontal to vertical. The head and neck are not meant to stress like that.

Rusty wrote at 2013-06-22 21:39:02

Cracking your knuckles probably did not add to this problem as all the research shows that there is no connection between cracking joints and arthritis. I am sure you have seen your doctor by now and if needed a rheumatologist. I hope you have found the problem and every thing is going well with your.  

Rheumatology (including Arthritis)

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