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Ian Blake wrote at 2013-09-03 19:32:38
   Reading Eva-Yolanda article about a spell caster namely Mutton Osun was, i will say the best that ever happen to me this year based on the fact that i had a lot problem that i was trying to over come.I had problems at home which affected my work greatly. I was now always in a cross fire with my boss.I really don't want to tell story here so i guess i would just go strange to the point on what i have to say.My wife wanted out of our marriage for no just reason.We were married for four year and i think we were happy though we had no kids, it was her idea not to have any cos she wasn't ready to be a mom yet and i was okay with it i mean i didn't like the idea but i went along with it just to please her.It was always like that i mean she always get what she wants.All i wanted was to see her happy i could never do anything that will make her so unhappy.This was all i did wrong that is make her have it her way all the time. I mean that was the reason she gave during our therapy session.She wanted out of the marriage cos i was to  nice. From what she said, i was the kind of man ever woman will die for but she wanted a real man to enforce his will no her meaning was i was to week a man for her.And that was the least of therapy session we had cos like she said we where wasting our life together and no amount of therapy was going to get us back together.I was a total mess thinking of how i was being dumped based on how much i loved my wife and how good i treated her,I really didn't know if she was ungrateful or just confused about what she wanted that is mid-life crisis but the bottom line is that she left me and who knows maybe for another man.I was still in love with her, she was the love of my life and i still wanted her to come back that was when i saw Eva-Yolanda article on Mutton Osun.When i contacted him he made me known that i will have to go through all the spell casting process.Like he said most people are too scared cos of trust issues.I had trust issues, but getting my wife back was my ulterior motive and from my experience with Muton Osun i can tell you he is 100% truthful and honest with his customer.I was asked to get some material to prepare the spell and after which he sent me a package contain the spell and the rest just happen the way it was suppose to happen i got my wife back and she was my wife back again i mean she was not that woman who wanted a hard man she was woman i fell in love with who loved me cos i am me.If you want help or fell he can help contact  him with his email address  

How to Make the Right Move

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Let me help you understand the female mind! What I offer is the perspective of an average girl who has done a fair amount of dating. I am in my late-20's and just recently married, but it wasn't that long ago that I was playing the game along with everyone else. Among my friends, I am the one people go to for advice, because I love to analyze problems and I'm very emotionally sensitive. I am happy to answer questions to the best of my ability, providing a much-needed female opinion. If you're unsure about your situation, I can tell you what I think is going on. If you want to know what your next move should be, I can tell you what I would do, or what I would want you to do as the girl in question. Ladies, I'd love to help you as well. I'll give you advice as a girl and as a friend. I am always kind, but I am also always honest. I won't lie to you, and I will let you know if I think you have unrealistic expectations. Ask me if you want an unbiased opinion about the right move to make! I will never judge you, but I reserve the right NOT to answer questions from bigots or homophobes.


I am not a psychologist or therapist. Think of me as a sympathetic female friend who tries to help you sort things out. My experience comes from a variety of places. I've helped friends, both heterosexual and homosexual, who have been in many different romantic dilemmas. I've been in long-term relationships, as well as short-term ones that barely qualify as relationships. I've broken up with people and been broken up with. I've dated long-distance, online, interracial, and interfaith. I've pined hopelessly for someone that didn't feel the same way, and I've been on the other side and had to let people down. I've been asked out on dates, and I've asked people out on dates. I've also suffered from depression and social anxiety, so I understand how hard it can be to make ANY move at all.

College newspapers, some online publications, my kick-ass diary.

I am a high school drop-out AND a college graduate, though neither my (lack of) diploma or my bachelor's degree have anything to do with psychology or relationships. The closest thing to it is that I was an English minor, so I can promise you that you won't have to deal with text-speak, grammatical nonsense, or anything else that makes reading something annoying.

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My friends, my family, my husband, my co-workers, my dog, overly-forward strangers, and people on barstools.

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