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How to Make the Right Move/Back and Forth in my Relationship


Dan wrote at 2011-09-28 04:17:26
Its 3 months later and I'm still having similar issues from my previous post.. She knows about them because we've been fairly open to each other.

She wants me to say I love her.

I think I want to end it..but when I see her in person I can't get myself to do it.

LOVETH wrote at 2013-04-25 09:08:21

My name is LOVETH STEVEN and am from ENGLAND, me and my boy friend broke up our relationship because I saw him kissing another girl and I pick a fight with her, He came begging me and I refuse to let him back for three weeks and later he was fed up and never came begging again. Then I started missing him and called him but he was now angry with me that he did pick my calls. I went to his house and he refused to let me in and he said it was over because I over stress him, then I went to the internet in search of help so I saw a testimony how DR.SAKURA helped a guy to regain his girlfriend then I emailed him  and he gave me his word that after 24 hours he will bring back my ex lover back for me if only I obey his instructions. I did all he said and after 24 hour it was just like a dream when my GERALD called me and started begging for forgiveness. Am so happy and grateful, if you need help you can email Him at  

justin wrote at 2013-06-10 19:41:48
I need help I got engage someone I love and her daughter her daughter call me dada first time we dated 3 month stay way from ex hunsbend He doesn't Care his wife and his daughter cuz He drunk his daughter only 3 mouth old that's when she left me and went back her ex hunsbend and second time we got engage for 2 weeks I feed jazzy that's her daughter name ans I love her so much and Charlene that's my wife name I love her so very much she wrote the love letter may me cry then I wrote her love letter may her special she change my life and I said I love you and she love me back then at 11:30 she left me back her ex hunsbend I really want her back I don't care first chance or second chance her my question how to make her understand I'm her right one?

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