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Eliya wrote at 2013-01-15 03:47:51

I think you did correctly. You didn't pester her about it, you apologized and went on your way. However, I have to disagree with Irene's answer.

DO NOT KEEP BOTHERING THE GIRL. You asked her out. Chances are she remembers your face now (if not from before). She told you she has a boyfriend. Even if she doesn't, you still need to respect her decision. The only reason women use that excuse is because men don't respect women's right to say 'no' until there is another man involved.

If you ask her how her and the boyfriend are doing you will come across as uber creepy. Seriously.

Another thing, her saying 'no' is not her challenging you. It's her saying 'no'. As simple as that. DO NOT EVER TELL HER SHE BETTER SAY YES. That sounds a lot like you're stalking her. It's really creepy!

My best advice for you would just to go about your daily breakfast routine. As I mentioned before, she recognizes you. If you give her some time to herself then she may reconsider your offer (if she doesn't actually have a boyfriend). But if things change, she'll approach you. Just give her time. And if she never approaches you or talks to you again, tough luck. Move on and find a new girl.

Just please, please, please be respectful of any answer she gives you. A 'no' means no.

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