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Ok so I saw this hottie at my job and she happens to be friends with a friend of I told my froend she is gorgeous and can she set up me and her she then tells me that her friemd saw me and wouldnt mind talking talking to me anyway I catch the hottie lookimg at me from time to time but she never says anything to me I never initiate a conversation because she is alwys in a group setting with friends so when I finally saw her alone I said hi and introduced myself and she said hey yeah I seen u around and you never say anything to me  dont be scared to say hi ill gladly talk to you. .we made a quick joke and kept it what I want to know is do you think she is interested amd if so how should I approach her..she is freaking hot so I guess im a bit intimated. .what should I say or how should I proceed please if you can be descriptive I would really appreciate it

Hi Ryan!

Haha!  To be honest, from what you sent me, it really sounds like you just want me to stroke your ego!  Well, I'll be happy to: good job getting the guts to approach the good looking woman.  Sorry, I feel a bit too old to be saying "hottie."

Joking aside, it does seem as though you are just looking for confirmation for what you already know: Yes, of course she's into you.  Can you think of another good reason she would engage you in conversation if she wasn't?  Can you think of another reason she would have teased you for not talking to you earlier?

As to how you should approach her, it's quite simple: just do it.  There is no reason to do anything special just because she is, superficially, a little different than any other women.  You have nothing invested in this relationship so far and she has not demonstrated that she is either all that different than any other woman or that she even deserves any particularly special treatment.  It's perfectly natural to be intimidated by something that maybe unusual in your personal experience and/or something that you particularly want, but keep in mind: you don't know whether or not she comes with extra baggage that may not be apparent yet.  What I mean to say is, don't get too invested until you know what you're getting into.  That's just bad business.

So the simple answer is approach her the same way you'd approach any other woman you're interested in.  Keep it simple, keep it direct, and be prepared to accept a rejection, but bear in mind that a rejection is not necessarily a permanent rejection, nor does it say anything about you as a human being, nor is it any indication of future possibilities.

Hope that helps, and if you have any more questions or want any clarification, let me know!

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I can teach you that there is no "right" move. It's more in HOW you do it, not WHAT you do. If you're interested in pick up lines or tricks, forget it. But if you want to know what the difference is between the men who get rejected and the men who don't, I can answer your questions. I can teach you about body language, attitude and how to respond to any kind of rejection you might face (or are afraid you might face). Approaching is one of the most difficult aspects of communication, so having difficulty in this area is perfectly normal. Let me help you out.


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