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Hi, I'm a 22 year old man. I have a classmate friend who I'm very attracted to, but only sexually. We're not close friends, but close-ish. She sometimes texts me late at night whether I'm asleep or not and then we exchange texts. So, maybe she likes me too. She's also recently single. Now, I don't want a relationship right now, especially not with her because she's not girlfriend material. But, I'm really attracted to her. I really want to have a sexual relationship with her. I want us to be fuck buddies. How do you think I should approach her about this matter?

Hi, Jerry. You don't really have to talk about it or define what you have or what you want. Just make a move and if it turns sexual, you can try to keep it that way. It may or may not be enough for her, but there is only one way to find out. If she became recently single, this might exactly what she wants to. If you want to make sure you don't hurt her feelings, make sure you don't set false expectations. Don't tell her that you like her or love her unless you mean it. Don't make future plans of going away to trips, etc... unless you really mean it and don't spend too much time together unless you change your mind, which also happens, and you want a relationship with her down the road. At this point, it's all too early to worry about, however, so you should take it step by step.   



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