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Im in college, re changing my career and direction in life, i've been single for the best part of 2 years, and now want to meet and be in a full time relationship. I meet this girl in college shes in my class, and we have a good friendship, she has recently split up with a boyfriend. and now finds herself happy being single.
Ive fallen for in a big way, and after spending time with and her kids, i have found that i want more. I have expressed my feelings to her and the reply back was that she doesn't want to give me false hope and she just wants to remain as friends. She is completely different to me, but at the same time i believe we could have something quite magical together. I cant stop thinking about her and texting, but i feel im pushing her away. My question is how do i stop this obsession over her and even though friendship is great i want her to feel the same way about me? so how do i get her to feel more for me than just friendship?

Hello, John.

Thanks for your question.

First, as tempting as sharing your feeling with the woman you really like might be, it's usually a mistake as it makes them feel cornered and pressured before they even know what they want, so don't do that in the future.   

The only way to get over obsession is to give it time - may be a month may be a few months or longer and also to stay away from her, so that you are not reminded of her, i.e. out of sight / out of mind. There is no overnight solution for feeling the pain of losing love and getting over her will be a graduate process. And you can't force her to want more with you. than what she wants now.  



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