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So, I'm in high-school and I have a few classes with this girl. I've known her as a fellow student for a few months but never really thought about it much beyond that. However more recently, I have noticed she has been staring at me in class and I have been catching her eye more often than I would normally expect. But as a guy, I probably wouldn't have thought much of that if a friend of mine hadn't brought it up to me at lunch one day saying he thought she was into me. I kept a closer eye on her for about a week or so and made some small talk about school and such. And through these conversations I noticed another sign that she laughed at almost everything I said that was even moderately funny and I kept making eye contact with her, the kind that lasts like a millisecond longer than usual.  So, what's the problem? The problem is that I finally decided to ask her if maybe she wanted to study for a big exam we got coming up. So after class, I made some small talk about a quiz we had taken that day and then asked if maybe we could get together and study over the weekend. This is where it all goes wrong. I saw it on her face, the smile she had on dropped of and was replaced with a very serious face. She then told me that she couldn't do anything this weekend but maybe another time without looking me in the eye. So I responded with a simple, "alright, cool" and then she ran off to her next class.
Later that day after school, I noticed her drifting around near my locker with some of her friends and i caught her eye two more times for that second too long.
Now I'm trying to figure out what my next move is. Should I ask her on Monday again if she can study anytime for the test on Thursday? Did I surprise her with the invite? Is she not interested? I've got two sisters and I'm still trying to figure out women...

This is a surprising but not uncommon female behavior. If you really feel like it, you should suggest studying together again, as maybe she was a little embarrassed to too shy and wasn't ready for your invite the first time. IF this leads to the same reaction again, then you can safely move on.



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