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there's a coworker of mine that I've become attracted to. I've asked her out twice and got flaky responses from her both times. I asked her flat out if she was interested in me. She said no. She also claimed that she did not know I was interested in her in that way.

We continued to remain amicable. The next day she was doing something at work that would have gotten her into trouble had the boss saw her doing it for too long. The boss came by and saw what she was doing.

I asked her to stop what she was doing since, while I'm not her superior I was in the position at that time where I had to enforce certain rules. She laughed as if I wasn't being serious. Then I told her that if she did not stop I would notify the boss of what she was doing. She abruptly got up stormed out of the room. I was abit rude when i told her this. She has been giving me the silent treatment ever since. What do you think I should do? I still like her and would and would like to date her.

Hello, Michael.  
You should definitely leave her alone at this point for all the reasons you mentioned yourself in addition to the fact that she will likely file a harassment complaint if this continues, tying your "rudeness" to the fact that she rejected your advances. As ridiculous as it might sounds, this happens all too often.   



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