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Wanted to ask your what's thoughts on this. I dated a guy while back, got on really well & even said, he was enjoying the night.Complements were given, great eye locking eyes & going brilliantly. All the signs were there that a date is going well & if a guy is into you. So much so I thought, this is it, I've found the right guy. We had so much in common but it end his reasons, found he didn't have time to be dating & his granddad at the time was ill etc...But he said, I'd gladly stay in contact with me & be friends. We were texting back & forth  for a bite then it stopped. I thought maybe he doesn't want to hear from me but didn't know what was going on for sure. Texted him in September turned out he lost his numbers on his phone had gotten a new one. He replied back, (Maybe out of surprise) "oh right, I'm good real busy in work how is things" I told I went to college what I thought of it.Said it was stange being back in a school environment & you. Meaning hows things with him.Although he did say it in his text but that was it. No continuation of conversation . But it was a text I sent during his  work time. Many months (year & few months)have passed & his facebook said single. He's now with someone since February of this year single up to this point. We meet on a dating site & I see his profile is still up on the dating site even though he's with this girl, accessible to anyone. My question is why would his dating profile still be up? He knows I use the site...  Could I send onto you, pictures?  your profile mentions body language. Want to see what you think of his body language particularly he's wearing white shirt & blue jeans. The new girl is beside him there out with his brother+ his girl & her uncle+ aunty.

Hello, Julie.

Everything in  your story suggests that the guy isn't that interested in you or isn't as interested in you as you were in him, so I would not spend any more time analyzing his behavior, profile, etc... A guy who is interested will not lose your number, and if he does - he will figure a way to get back in touch with and will put obvious effort in communicating with you. If you had a guy who was interested in you in the past, then you know exactly what I mean.



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