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QUESTION: I recently got my first horse. He's older, 20. He doesn't have arthritis and is sound. He loves to run, and I was wondering about doing barrel racing for fun. I want to keep him safe so is there any special tack I should use? Should he get joint supplements? Also what should daily riding look like? Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

ANSWER: Elizabeth,
You will want to get SMB boots and bell boots for him to protect his legs and a joint supplement would be a great idea.You need to make sure he is fit before you start running him hard on barrels A fit horse will be less likely to get hurt than an unfit one. Start slow and work him up to peak fitness. Hope that helps Let me know if I can answer any other questions

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QUESTION: Ok thanks I was looking at the SMB boots today. I will get both. So how should I build him up? Thanks so much!

Warm him up by walking then trotting, once he is warmed up you can lope circles or ride at a lope in a pasture until he blows then bring him back to a trot or walk till he gets his breathing slowed down then work on the other direction same thing over time it will talk longer to get him to blow. Cool him out the same way slowly. You can do all sorts of things while warming up and cooling down work on flexing and bending side passing ect
Good Luck with him  


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