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Lewis wrote at 2013-12-02 20:29:29
I've been trying for a couple of days to get the answer updated with Part 3, but it keeps reverting to the previous text. So I'm having one last go by "adding an answer" instead. Hope this works!


Animals, including Animal Companions, primary attack, etc: If you read MM p6, 'Attack' and 'Full Attack' this will tell you how to read a creature's stat block to understand what is considered their primary natural weapon (e.g. claws). In a full attack by a creature with multiple natural attack forms (e.g. claws, bite), the secondary weapon is at a -5 penalty, unless the creature has the Multiattack feat, when the penalty is -2.

Dragonhide Armor: Biggest challenge? Kill your dragon! Apart from that, I believe the tools needed to harvest the hide would come under Artisan's Tools (Leatherworker, Hunter, or something similar) without having to be too specific. See PHB pp129-130.

For rules on how to deal with the hide and what you can make of it, see DMG pp283-284. This tells you the type and size of armour you can make, depending on how big your dragon was.

HOUSE RULE: Because killing a dragon is a very rare event in my D&D 3.5 'Forgotten Realms' game, "Heroes of Faerūn", I tend to spice this up a bit by adding in a small amount of resistance to whatever the dragon was immune to (usually their own breath weapon). So, the heroes managed to kill a red dragon in the hills above the Dalelands. The dwarf armorer made dragonhide armour from the scales. I added in resistance to fire 5 (wearing the armor means the character ignores the first 5 points of damage from fire each round). But this is just my personal rule. It is not official.

Excel Sheets: Apologies, I don't think I can help with recommending a particular product or sheet above others. I don't tend to use them myself, as I have found in the past that each has limitations and doesn't include all the options from the various supplements that my players want to use.

I think that's everything covered now. Apologies for the slight delay in getting round to all this!

Happy Gaming!

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