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      I am new to playing to D&D so I was wondering if you could answer a question of mine. Since I am new I don't know if it is possible, but would I be able to make a ring that can transform into a specific animal in the game? For example, would I be able to have a ring that has the ability to turn into a cat? Is it possible that the cat could fight in a battle? I donít want an invincible ring, but I think that it may be fun to have a ring that could turn into a cat and fight!

Hello Summer,

I am sorry it's taken so long, but the AllExperts site was sending their notices to an old email account for some reason.

In theory, you could absolutely craft a ring that allows you to transform into a specific animal. However, in practice, everything depends on your Dungeon Master and how they want to interpret the rules of whatever edition your group is using.

My main suggestion would be to ask your DM if such an option would be possible. Also, when you say cat, do you mean a large cat like a lion or tiger, or a housecat?

As for the magic spell on the ring, it would just be a Polymorph Self spell, but attuned to a specific creature, so it should be much cheaper than a regular Polymorph ring. If I was the DM, I would allow it to be crafted by a mage of the appropriate skill and level.

However, the problem might be the stats for the creature. AKA, at lower levels, the cat form may offer significantly better hit points and attacks than other PCs of the same level BUT then at higher levels, the cat would be underpowered compared to your character so you would be less interested in using the ring. So it depends how your DM wants to determine the stats.

However, if you are using 4e, it is easy enough to advance the creature by level. In 3e and Pathfinder, it is easy enough to use Animal Companion rules to modify the beast form.

Personally, I am a fan of OD&D and the retroclone Swords & Wizardry:White Box which is much more freeform than later editions. In this case, if I was the DM, I would allow the ring and it could be crafted by a 9th level wizard, or perhaps a druid. When activated, you would keep your INT/WIS/CHA and your Hit Points, but gain the abilities of a lion (attacks, damage, movement, roar, etc), but lose the ability to make human speech (but you would understand language due to your INT).

Good luck and have fun!

- Robert Lionheart

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