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Please tell me some best websites to download Games


That's a very vague question.

What sorts of games are you looking for?
To play online or as resources for tabletop games?

And most importantly, to buy? or just to find for free?

Let me know, and I'll see if I know how to help you further.


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I`m fluent in several games, their administration, crossing over systems, and in general advice. If you need help with anything from AD&D, Harnmaster, or any of the White Wolf Game Studio games (Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Changeling, Mage, Hunter, Trinity, Aberrant, or even the old and lost Streetfighter game), feel free to ask. I`ll help as best I can, and I have a huge stack of gaming books to refer to if necessary, so the information usually should be accurate. I also have some game resources for Legend of the Five Rings, the old FASA Star Trek RPG, the newer Last Unicorn Games Star Trek: the Next Generation RPG, as well as some of the Star Wars game, some RoleMaster, and so on...


I've been a GameMaster/DungeonMaster/Referee/Storyteller for the last 25 years continuously; I started with AD&D, and my interests grew from there.

I was one of the first online Storytellers for the official White Wolf Java Chat gaming site; I now run my own online games, albeit with the help of some technical computer whizzes...

I have my Degree in Psychology, which I have used extensively in the development of my games; my games tend to be gritty and realistic.

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