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Hello, and thank you for being willing to try to answer questions here.

Can you suggest how to find out which printed book it is -- concerning the magic/cyperpunk game Shadowrun -- which contains the illustration shown here?

Please forgive me, expect it would be unreasonable to just assume that you yourself might know the answer. But perhaps you can give some clue who might know the answer. Neither the image artist, nor the game company will consent to answer me. It is so frustrating -- I have actually had to hunt down printed versions of the work of this man, just so that I can read and understand all the cool details and miniscule writing.

Thank you.

Cool question and I hope I can help. I personally don't recognize the image. If its a wireless smartlink, its probably from the Shadowun 4th or 5th edition, but I am a chummer who misses the wired world of 2050 in the early editions do I don't own the current versions.

My best suggestion is to post on Dumpshock. It's the best Shadowrun forum I know. If I need cyberpunk info, I check there for discussions.

Dumpshock fans are pretty hardcore and probably can help you identify the image and discuss lots about it as well.

Good luck!

- Robert Lionheart  

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