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dickiesman wrote at 2010-12-02 21:17:34
Had a chance to buy a Sticky Fingers cover and record like you describe in 2007 in a rock and roll memorabilia store in Key West, Fl.  It was framed, perfect, and guaranteed original.  $2,000.  Didn't buy it

Drew wrote at 2012-12-11 08:14:22
If you can get the original cover with REAL ZIP I will start the bidding at $100.00 Au,and I'm poor, The answer above is seriously uninformed to be polite. I have only ever seen ! original mint framed and think the guy paid in excess of 300.00 back in the 70's

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I can answer nearly any question dealing with Rolling Stones' collectibles, as I have one of the most extensive collections of Stones' LPs and singles from all over the world. I am most intimately familiar with the values of various Stones' pieces, including many bootleg albums and CDs. I have collected the Rolling Stones' music since I was 3 years old (still have my first 45!), and I have nearly every piece of music they have released and much of what they have not released. I am also very capable of addressing inquiries into many of the Stones' paper collectibles, including tour books and tour posters. Finally, I am intimately familiar with the Stones' live catalog, including set lists, concert dates, and concert venues. I will confess that my my knowledge is much stronger after 1966, but I have an abundance of research material at my proverbial fingertips on all dates, gigs, and venues. The above notwithstanding, I am NOT as versed in magazine articles on the band from 1963 to the present. While I have many, I cannot profess to be able to provide more than the most general of answers to queries such as "When did the Stones first appear in Tiger Beat?" without doing my own independent research. Also, I am NOT a musician, so I cannot discuss chord structures or musical theory questions.


I have been a Rolling Stones' collector and trader for over 35 years, and I have one of the most extensive collections and print libraries on the band I have ever known. Moreover, I have hosted radio shows on the band where people called in and asked questions off the cuff. Additionally, I have contributed to various friends' articles by way of consultations as to their verifications of references and sources. Finally, I have answered numerous people's inquiries as to the value of their vinyl collections, including both Stones' items and non-Stones' items.

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