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Rolling Stones, The/San Francisco Concert 1964


Rosie wrote at 2010-03-26 14:52:12
I thought the opening band was Dave Clark 5. I have photos somewhere of the opening band because one of the girls I was with found a roll of film.

kyyote wrote at 2012-10-26 20:00:16
I sat in the third row on the floor.  Paul Revere kicked ass.  The bass player for the Byrds was wandering around with the folks on the floor before the show started.  No one knew who he was. Those three were great, but the undercard was also pretty incredible.  If I remember correctly (which is somewhat questionable these days)the Bea Brummels, the Vegtables (sp, and some other local San Francisco bands were pretty damend awesome themselves.  By the, Mick was raw energy, and his moves weren't practised and robotic as they have become after 50 years.  One last thing.  The Raiders were so fricken awesome, I mean they had the place nearly in a riotous state even before the Stones came out, that the Stones HAD to be incredible to top them.  They were.

Rolling Stones, The

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SHIDOOBEE with Stonesdoug

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