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jrb wrote at 2009-11-03 11:42:39
I attended the show in 1975 at the Gator Bowl. It cost USD $10. for a full day. The show included Chaka Khan, Atlanta Rhythm Section, J. Geils Band, and Billy Preston, who stayed on and played keyboards with the Stones.

tommy wrote at 2010-01-01 18:21:00
I was also there, it was very hot and people were passing out all over. The Stones useed a fire hose during their set to cool things off. What a mistake to have it during the day.

chuck f wrote at 2011-04-21 22:49:14
I attended the show at the Gator Bowl in '75- the summer between high school and college.

The acts were (in order):

Atlanta Rhythm Section

J Geils Band (lead singer Peter Wolf's broken arm was in a cast)

Rufus w/ Chaka Khan

The Rolling Stones (Jagger sprayed us in the audience with a hose- it was hot, brutally hot!)

bob wrote at 2015-08-11 16:27:18
I was at this show They tested the sound system with an excellent Journey concert the opening acts were Atlanta Rythmn Section Rufus with Chaka Chan and J Geils

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