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kwelliott wrote at 2012-11-27 19:37:44
The first 4 records from 1964 and 1965, up to OOOH, 1st editions in Canada, are mono only,  Maroon labels, matte type sheen.  They are boxed London FFRR.  Aftermath is the first true stereo initial release where both stereo and mono released at the same time.  Stereo initial release is a matte blue, Boxed London FFRR with Stereophonic underneath.  later re-releases of mono records, the re-releases of 1st 4 records in stereo, electronically re-processed from mono into stereo, come later in 1965 and have the same label as Aftermath.  USA labels in late 65 forward do not use the term FFRR anywhere on the label. Canada labels are London FFRR with a Made In Canada reference on the perimeter print.

Rolling Stones, The

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