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QUESTION: Hi there,
I just came to this site accidentally, however, there was a question posted in 2005 asking about the above concert.  I was working for WING RADIO in Dayton, Ohio as a copywriter.  I was asked by the top DJ Bob Holliday to introduce the Stones on stage, as WING was involved with the concert.  This because I am English.  I did this, however, as there was so much screaming, I could not be heard.  I cut the intro short.  I met them before the show and found them, at that time, unbelievably rude.  Mick asked me what the F=== was I doing in this one horse down.  They were all sitting down in this small dressing room, when I entered not one of them got up to ask me to sit (in those days people did such things) so I told them what I thought of them.  They only played for 20 minutes and walked off stage to the bus. I ran after them and explained that these kids had paid good money to see a show and they should stay.  Needless to say, you can imagine their response.   Cut to many years later when I stood on side stage at Wembley Stadium with Bianca (Mike's then wife) to hear that concert - which lasted more than 20 minutes? Do you know the date of that concert?   Mick has since become the well read, health conscious gentlemanů.then again, age will do that.   Sincerely,  Eve Fox

ANSWER: Hello and thank you for your question.

Do you mean to say Wembley Stadium, or Wembley Arena?

The Rolling Stones have performed at the original Wembley Stadium (closed in 2000) a total of 12 times from 1982-99.  The dates of those shows are as follows: June 25 & 26, 1982; July 4, 6, & 7, 1990; August 24 & 25, 1990; July 11, 15, & 16, 1995; June 11 & 12, 1999.

Considering when Mick was married to Bianca, the gig to which you are referring would have to have occurred before their 1979 divorce.  The Stones played Wembley 'Arena' on Sep 7-9, 1973.

On the other hand, it's certainly possible that Bianca attended a Stones show after she and Mick Jagger were divorced, but I'm unable to identify when she may have.

I hope this helps.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: If you look at the heading it says DAYTON, OHIO 1965.  I was, in fact, responding to a question about Dayton, Ohio.  This was either 1964 or 1965 when I introduced them at the local area in Dayton.  Then, when I said cut to many years later, I meant 1974 or 75.  It may not have been Wembley, I was with Bianca and a few friends on the stage and just remember the unbelievable high pitch of the music and could not hear properly for three days.
Thank you anyway.

Thank you for the clarification.  Please excuse me, but the inquiry was sent as a 'new' question directed at me in particular with no link to another specific question I've previously been asked.  I incorrectly read your post as a new inquiry directed to me in the form of a question regarding the date of a Wembley Stadium concert, not as a follow-up comment to another poster from a question sent to another expert.  If you wish to respond to a prior answered question, you must go to that page, locate the name of the expert, and post as a follow-up to that expert's response so that the poster (and/or the expert) will be made aware of your comment and may see it.  Otherwise, your heading simply appears as a new inquiry sent directly to me seeking an answer.

Thank you.

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