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I have a question about the Rolling Stones bootleg album "Beautiful Delilah". I have noticed that there are 2 different stamps exist of the album beautiful Delilah. One with a fine lettering of the word 'delilah' and one with a fat lettering of the word 'delilah'. See pics. 99% of the pics i see on the net is with the fine lettering, i see only 1 with a fat lettering. Both are from Trade Mark Of Quality. I wonder what is the original pressing and what is the story behind the one with the thick lettering.
Hope you can help me.


Dear Stefaan,
Before anything, sorry for my late reply, I've just realized I hadn't replied earlier. Regarding your question, the original pressing would be TMOQ 71021
Actually I donīt know the story behind the other one, I guess it's just a re-release of the original one, as this is one of the most famous Stones boot recordings ever.
Hope this helps.

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