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Rolling Stones, The/Out of our heads LK 4733 LP


I currently own this LP, and the back cover Decca area has a 1.5" pice of black expertly placed over it, & the label has a 2" piece of red tape placed over both sides of the decca area. Have you ever seen this, it actually looks like it was done at the factory. It is the ffrr label from UK

rpolling stones no 2
rpolling stones no 2  
Hi, Jeff. Yes,indeed. I have seen this before.I have the Rolling stones no2 ,with the same covered decca like yours. The history about it;

Some Decca LPs pressed in UK can be found with a sticker covering the Decca name on the label of the LP. Some of the sleeves has also Decca logos covered on them. These LPs and singles were sold in USA as new LPs in the end of the 60s.

Around 1967 a large quantity of English pressed singles and albums started making their way into the US record stores (whatever the exact reason is, to this day remains unclear, I've never gotten a definite answer) But this affected many labels, many Beatles records appeared but the labels were not covered (there was no Parlophone label in the US), but all the Stones records had these colored papers on them.
There is a Decca label in the USA, but it has no connection with the British label. As we all know, the Stones weren't signed to Decca, they were signed to London in US. I guess the importers covered up whatever Logo or copyright they could possibly infringe upon.

Also since all American singles come with the large center hole, every one of these imported singles had their centers "popped-out". It's still not uncommon these days to find a late 60's British single in a garage sale with the center missing, label logo covered, or with tear marks from somebody removing the label covering....

Well, Hope you are satisfied with this answer , Jeff.  Grts Kristof.  

Rolling Stones, The

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