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Rolling Stones, The/What is this Rolling Stones song?


Not sure how it goes, but about halfway through the song, he changes the sound of his voice. The only way I can describe it is his voice sounds like a zombie or Frankenstein. It's deep, slow and gravely sounding. I think he sings/talks a couple of lines in this voice. Not sure if the music changes pace or not. Thank you.

Hi Tom;

You might be referring to Emotional Rescue or Miss You or an Album track--the group has well over a thousand songs that they have recorded,and released about 600 tracks.
see if u can find the song on You tube as they play most of them.
You tube often has 'sites' where with one click they will play multiple tracks --see if the song comes up there.
But keep listening ,I'm glad you do ,as there is a wealth of compositions from the Stones for all tastes.


Rolling Stones, The

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