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Hi,ACP. I get my hands on the rolling stones first album with the alt. tell me, and the matrixnrs. are 1A-1A. The sleeve ( flipback) has no rips or tears, the spine is complete, no laminate lost and still very shiny,  the backsleeve  credits "mona;"( only on the sleeve, not on the label. ), and the backsleeve has some light browning. The label has spindlemarks on both sides, no writings or scuffs. The vinyl has still his beautiful bright shine. Side 1 has no marks at all,only very fine hairlines under a bright light, looks like new. Side 2 is the same, but i see three light scratches( about 1,5 cm.)that not affects playing, and one very light hairline. After all in my opinion ; the vinyl is in excellent- condition, and the sleeve is in vg +++condition. Can you tell me the (excactly?)value of this one ACP? I'm also an stones expert , but i like to know opinions of other experts.Thanks Kristof.

Hello Kristof, and thank you for your question.

As a Stones Expert, you should know that there are no 'exact' valuations for collectible records.  Interest varies greatly under many circumstances.  There is, however, a minimum you can expect from an LK 4065 XARL-6272-1A press.  It's easier to give more exacting valuations for lower graded copies, but yours would certainly be regarded as a higher grade.

Once you journey into the higher grades, the swing can be tremendous -- mostly upward from a minimum.  The best way to deal with such items and to determine value by interest, is to offer them at live auction where they can be examined.  Even then, interest, and therefore value, is significantly affected by many variables such as time of year and heightened interest due to events (tours, deaths, etc.), or merely the fact that more collectors with a good amount of funds are entering the market at any given time.

If the item is as you describe, and buyers generally agree with your assessment, I'd imagine the value to be $1,500 USd at its absolute minimum.

With added interest due to the current 50th anniversary tour, and more collectors in the market due to the popularity of vinyl records and Record Store Day events, I'd imagine $2,000 to be a more accurate assessment of your particular item.  Even then, I'm aware of copies selling for well over $3,000 in what was regarded as EX and EX/NM.  If someone believes your copy to be worthy of such a high grade, that valuation is not out of reach.

Incidentally, the 1A/1A is not as rare as a 2A/1A (both have the 2:52 Tell Me), but I don't see evidence of this being a factor to collectors as of yet.

I hope this helps.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions.

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