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Hi I would love to know what is The Rolling Stones highest selling album around the world and how much it sold in all of Europe, North America, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of the world. I would like to know which album sold the most in the U.S., U.K., and around the globe. Is it Hot Rocks 1964-1971, Some Girls or one of there other albums. Thank You. Aaron Wake.

Hi Aaron;

The answer is 'Some Girls",it was released in '78 and had a few hit songs from the L.P.
it  has sold the most--estimates at the time were 3 million--but that was before CD's and it was also 35 years ago.
A lot of people bought Hot Rocks -- you are right about that.
Tattoo You did well as it had 'Start me Up' --also released from the LP was 'Hang Fire   & Waiting On a Friend  -as singles.
Steel Wheels, a studio masterpiece, did well in sales too,the band toured behind the record in '89.
The Rolling Stones have sold over 50 Million recordings ,(estimates) ,have released over 700 songs ,but another large amount (many hundreds) were never released , but you can find most of them on You Tube.
They are not really the kind of group that brags about record sales--so all we have are estimates.

feel free to ask me more questions--I liked this type of inquiry.


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