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Hi Ken I never ever knew that The Rolling Stones never bragged about album sales as you said so that is why all we have for The Stones record sales are estimates. However Ken I have read in places on the net that The Rolling Stones had as of 1990 sold over two hundred million records worldwide. Since The Stones are not overly vocal about there record sales why have I read that they have sold over two hundred million records worldwide? And does that include sales of singles and not just albums? I know for a fact that Hot Rocks 1964-1971 which was released in 1972 has sold over twelve million copies here in North America and has sold five hundred thousand copies in the United Kingdom. And I also know for a fact that Some Girls from 1978 has sold over six million copies here in North America and five hundred thousand copies in the United Kingdom. Since you do not know what The Rolling Stones highest selling album slash record is here in the U.S. can you please maybe point me to a legitimate source here on the net where I might be able to find concrete facts on The Stones record sales not just in the U.S., and U.K., but also in Japan, South America, and all of Europe. Do The Rolling Stones and other bands count sales of singles as record sales as well or do The Stones and other bands and other artists count sales of singles as total worldwide and total U.S. record sales and not separate single sales and album sales into two different categories. Last and this obviously depends on the fans of the particular band or artist do you think that the fans of The Rolling Stones have cared about what particular album has sold the most or do you as a big fan of The Rolling Stones yourself are just happy to hear the great music that they have made for over fifty years? And why was Steel Wheels a big album for them in 1989/1990? Thank You again Ken. Aaron Wake


I have also read many accounts of their record sales,as far as I'm concerned they are estimates so if you like, then perhaps you are correct, I don't know.
Fans of the Stones generally site "Exile on main Street" as their 'favorite' as well as the records between 68 -71 , Banquet, Get Yer Ya Yas Out(live), Sticky Fingers, ,and others feel their work from '64- 66 was the best.
But as you very intuitively figured out about me ,I'm just happy to hear the great recordings and there are  many on each and every disc--which brings me full circle to 'Steel Wheels' --it is in every sense of the word a studio masterpiece as is the compositions ,playing and vocals and pictures even of the group!-- and what a tour--also note it was Bill's LAST Album.

Take care --keep listening


Wikipedia may have the answers for your inquiry--thanks for getting back to me on this subject--STEEL WHEELS was an outstanding masterpiece for the stones as was the tour--i just saw them in Buffalo --great show  excellent playing by Keith ,Ronnie and well all of them  

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