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Rolling Stones, The/Sucking in the Seventies,Art Cover


ghjmkkjhg wrote at 2013-09-30 00:26:19
in the Phish song called f@#$ your face (live in Utah) the vocalist says he did the cover art for that RS album.  really.

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Stones fan for over 30 years, particularly knowledgeable on the personal histories, background, and music of the Rolling Stones. I have traveled extensively, visiting and photographing many famous Stones places in Europe and the States, which are featured on my website, "The Rolling Stones History Tour". I have a large database of web resources about the Stones, along with over 60 books on the Rolling Stones. If I don`t know the answer I will try to direct you to someone who does. Over 30 years of collecting, reading, concert-going, studying, traveling and listening.


The Rolling Stones have consumed my time, energy, and pocketbook for over 30 years. And seeing them on their home turf in June 1999 was a dream come true!

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