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I'm hoping you can help me, if not it's fine. There are two books that I used to own before I moved. I would have taken the books with me when I moved but it was an over seas move and the books just didn't make it into the suit case. But anyways I will describe these books and how you may know them...
both of the books are western 1800's romance novels both by different authors.

The first book I think is titled Jessica, at the very least I know the heroine is called Jessica. The plot is that Jessica has inherited a ranch but needs money to keep it. She travels to Montana I think to find some old army payroll that was buried by her father or some family member. She meets an outlaw in a town she passes through, I don't remember the mans name, maybe Jake. at any rate they stay in the town and help them. There is a man called Tobias with a mute sister that secretly meets with the main male character. Eventually they clear the main make characters name. That is about all I can remember of this book.

the second book is my favorite as I feel like I can relate to the heroine. The heroines name is willow, willow is also in the title. The main heroine is a tomboy and the beginning of the book opens with her playing baseball with a bunch of men. I remember less of this book unfortunately but I know the main make character has a stallion called blaze, I also believe the main male character is an officer of the law that is under cover trying to catch willows brother and father who are fun running or something like that.

I'm sure this is not enough info but I can't seem to find anything about either book on the internet. And I would love to find them again. If you can help, fabulous. If you can't... Well I'm no worse off.

Thanks for your time.

Willow - Linda Lael Miller.

In 1883, the railroad had only recently come to Montana Territory, and outlaws still lurked in the hills. Willow Gallagher, who spent her early childhood in an outlaw camp until her father finally found her, is torn by divided loyalties. Newly married to handsome railroad baron Gideon Marshall, she finds fiery passion in Gideon’s embrace, until she discovers he is on a mission . . . a mission to capture Willow’s outlaw brother, Steven. Now Willow must choose—betray her brother, or risk the love she has found with Gideon, the love she has dreamed of all her life, to save Steven. It is a choice that could break her heart. .

Jessica - There is another one by Linda Lael Miller titled Jessica.  It does not sound the same, however, seemed worth mentioning since it's the same author.

Strong-minded spinster Jessica Barnes is summoned to Springwater by her ailing brother Michael to help him run his newspaper. This is the fifth title in an interconnected series that culminates with "A Springwater Christmas", a full-length novel that will be published in November 1999.

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