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There are two related historical romance books from the late 80's that I am looking for.  I can't remember the name of the books or the authors.

The first had a heroine named Aimee.  I can't remember much of the plot other than it took place in France.  I think she was meant to be a mistress of the King but ended up falling in love with a nobleman instead.  I'm fuzzy on the details of this book.

The second book featured Micheline (I believe she was a friend or relative of Aimee's).  She was a nobleman's widow and falls in love with a man that she thought was just an artist but was really a nobleman from England.

If you can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.  Wish I could provide you with more information!  Thanks!

It might be the Charm Bracelet Trilogy by Jane Feather. Two of these were actually published in the 90's. Without more information I'm at a loss. If you remember any more let me know and I will look again.

Charm Bracelet Trilogy
1. The Diamond Slipper (1997#
2. The Silver Rose #1983#
3. The Emerald Swan #1998)


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