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Hi Andriano,

I hope you are doing good and I see you are doing great job by helping people like us to find the right information.

I am Indian and married to Romanian national from last 1 year in India. We are going to register our marriage with Romania Consul and we have all the required documents. Now I am planning to visit my wife's country and would like to know if

- I am eligible for Long term Visa for Romania?
- What are all documents I need to visit Romania ?
- Do I need visa to enter any other EUROPEAN country if I want to visit with my wife. As far as I know My wife don't need visa for EU countries.
- I want to travel the country by Car. DO I need International Driving licence or my Indian Driving licence would be good enough
- Please suggest if I can travel near to Romania that I can cover by car ( In India I have driven for 2,000 kms in my trips and I guess there countries are quite small and by travelling more I can cover many countries.
- Do I need to get medical Insurance. Presently I am working for MNC they have insurance in the country.
- Will I get any card from Romania to travel easily to the country. Similar to what my wife got from India ( PIO). With PIO card she don't need to take visa to travel to India.

- Any precaustion or advise for Visa and travel ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your response.

Best Regards,

Dear Mr . Harmit,

Here you are the right source for your questions ( visa ):
In order to drive a car in Romania you should have an international drive licence
Medical insurance will be necessary to get the romanian visa.
It will not possible to visit other european countries if you will not have a Schengen visa.
The only suggestion I can give you is to respect driving rules in Romania

If you have any other questions just write me back

Good luck !

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