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Hello, Sir!
I am fifteen years old (I will turn sixteen in a few days). I would really like to go to study programming and Web design at the Universitatea Politehnică din București, which I hear is an excellent school. I live in Mexico City and I get excellent grades (high 9s to 10, usually), and I was wondering whether the UPB might offer scholarships for foreigners.
Also, what might I need to go to study there? A student's visa? Knowing the language? I am learning it; I speak Spanish and English already.
How difficult is it to find a decent job there? I've done translation jobs before. Does that pay well in Bucharest? Is there much crime? Can an 18-year-old girl survive there while studying on her own and without her parents' support? (Long story, but they say I'll have to accomplish whatever I want on my own. I'm supposed to be self-sufficient, you know...) Could I earn a decent living as a programmer if I decide to stay there?
Thank you so much for your patience, sir! I have just one more question:
How likely--or unlikely--am I to get to meet Arsenie Todiraș?
Thank you once more!
Mulțumesc din nou!
Grazie din nuovo!
¡Gracias de nuevo!

Dear Gabby,

the first step you should do is to contact the University you are interested in: and send an e-mail to this address ( international students )
In order to study in Romania you will need a visa ( give a look at this web site ) but I think that the University that you will contact will give you all details.
About finding a job it depends about your expectations ( have a look here ) but think that salaries are not so high like in other european countries. Criminality level, in Bucharest is like in a big european city. If you want to learn in Romania, of course, you should learn the romanian language.
As programmer sounds to be good and you can earn some money but it depends about for who you work and about what you can offer.
Your last question about Arsenie Todiraș I have no idea but who knows.. with some luck ...
Good luck !
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